Budapest, 2001.05.29.

The only "disadvantage" of babyswimming: your child is going to jump even into a tablespoon of water if he has the opportunity... and end up with a bruised nose... :o)

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Budapest, October 2001

Levente is starting to learn conscious swimming patterns instead of the instinctive motions he used as a baby.
He is also learning to be more "social" in the pool and less dependent on Mom. Our goal is to prepare him for the next step,
when he will have his swimming classes with his peers and teacher only, while we, parents, are out of the water.
You can notice that we use some swimming aids at this stage (while I discourage this whenever possible). These aids
are not for lifting him out of the water, though, but for helping him focus on various body parts' movement
and also to learn how to climb on or swim to moving objects. We do not use aids that he has to "wear". Just hold on.

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