International Midwifery Today Conference, 18-22. October 2001, Paris
(part 1)

paris01.jpg (10997 Byte)
The Eiffel Tower, symbol of Paris - a majestic sight.
Our hotel was so close that if the tower had fallen over, it would have hit it...
We were not afraid of that, though :o)

paris02.jpg (22002 Byte) paris03.jpg (19979 Byte)
This is how it looks from under

paris04.jpg (16465 Byte) paris05.jpg (24999 Byte)
On our way from the airport to the hotel (first day), we stopped to see
one of the most famous cathedrals of the world: the Notre Dame.
It's been 17 years since the last time I stood here... It's still amazing!

paris07.jpg (10193 Byte)
This is how the Tower looked when we first saw it.
It was nice to live so close by: we could not get lost easily.

paris06.jpg (12394 Byte)
The Invalides. We took a long walk to see it on our first night.
It was hard to find, as everything is called "Invalides" in the neighborhood:
the square, the street, the park... The sight was worth the effort, though.

paris08.jpg (15036 Byte)
This is me, enjoying a Baguette, the traditional French bread.

paris14.jpg (87527 Byte)
Another nice Parisian alley

paris18.jpg (16204 Byte) paris19.jpg (28661 Byte)
The last time I was in Paris, my parents, for understandable reasons, refused to take me with them to the "night life" district of Paris: the Pigalle and its neighborhood. By then I was so angry with them for this that I couldn't resist to go and see the place now, 17 years later.
It was nothing too interesting, except that I've never seen so many sex shops and cinemas
and peep shows, whatever, in one place. The famous Moulin Rouge was a real disappointment: it's definitely ugly below its only "ornament", the red mill on its top.
Well, at least I could put a mental check mark near "Pigalle" in my list of places to visit.

paris15.jpg (96922 Byte)
The Champs Elisées. I didn't remember it was so looooong!
There's a broad alley with double tree-line on both sides.
Paris seems to have had good architects in charge, by the time it started to
become crowded: there are huge open spaces,
it's not nearly as tightly built-up as the inner city of Budapest.

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paris16.jpg (16323 Byte)   paris17.jpg (14501 Byte)
The Arch of Triumph. It's huge! There are lots of names inscribed on the walls:
Napoleon's triuphant battles and conquered cities. Among them is a Hungarian town
"Raab", now called Gyor in Hungarian. We made a bet: the one who finds the inscription,
wins an ice-cream. Sadly, I lost...

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