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... and 1 - 2 - 3 ... [groaning, pushing-off...] ...

Well, telling the truth, I've never planned to win at the Olympics. And because the lack of any extraordinary talent already showed at an early age, I managed to lose all my interest in it altogether by the time I left school. Fortunately, at the beginning of University I fell into some kind of fighting mood and decided to find one sport at any price, which I would be able to do longer than two weeks, which was my former record in all other sports I've tried, mostly because I found all of them either hopelessly boring or like pure masochism (I could never feel the "pleasant tiredness", "joy of accomplishment" and the like praised by most sportsmen.) I was looking for sports not taught at school, because I knew this was my only chance to find one I've not yet lost interest in because of the permanent feeling of failure forced on me during my school years.

This is how I first got to the BVSC tennis courts in Budapest, where, to my great surprise, the instructor did not chide and deride me, but she was happy if I came to the training and helped me where she could. By then I came to a conclusion (that holds for most fields of my life as well, but especially for sports): I can only be motivated positively. I've played tennis for two and a half years regularly, then, after University and a short break I went on playing at FVSC Budapest, this time already with my beloved one. At first we only did some knock-up with each other, but later, as I got into it, I went on learning to chase the small yellow ball under the instruction of Antal Bótai (who is the best, but surely the most adorable tennis trainer of the world). As its result, I've learned to play tennis fairly well and I've even acted as organizer of the tennis club at my company, until my son was born. What's more, I've achieved quite a good place in the "beginners' level" group of the company's 1998 Championship. 5 and a half months pregnant, I'we won one more match [grinning proudly], then again a break followed, or rather a "maternity leave". Since then I could only ocasionally get a leave from my little son and play, but my enthusiasm is unbroken. It is a great victory of my life that I've come close to a sport in a way that nothing can spoil my mood anymore, not even if I happen not to be at my best sometimes. As a proof here some pictures:1. Tennis photos, 2. Tennis video

Besides tennis there are some other sports I like to participate in sometimes, although my skills are less than professional. I can swim securely (up to 2-3 kms) and I'm trying to teach this to my son Levente as well, from the age of 3 months on. You can read more about this in a separate chapter I've written about babyswimming. One time or two I've managed to stay on top of the windsurf as well. Among the winter sports I've tried skiing 1996-99, 2000. In spite of the fact that I go skiing at least for a weekend almost every year since 1996 when I've first tried, I'm still at a low beginner's level. This is a field, where old fears and bad incrustations do their part more perceivably, so I learn slower than the average. Anyway, I still send more time standing on the ski than sitting on the ground, so I guess I will be all right in time. I like riding as well, although I've tried it only a couple of times.

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There is one more activity that is, to my ill luck, not really considered as a sport, although I'm showing some affinity to it. This is dancing. I can dance most ball-room dances and although I've never took part in competitions, I know some "professional" steps and figurations. At Grammar school and the beginning of University I used to act as an instructor at self-organized dancing courses and prepared pupils for graduation balls. Later, I've tried modern dances (jazz) as well and I liked it a lot, what's more, it helped develop the  harmony of my movements generally (balance, turns!). It's a pity that this passion has slipped off my schedule, as I am now mother of small children. I hope I will have the opportunity to get back into it some time later.