Renaissance-style dress


You will need two different colors of material: one for the dress, one for the apron. The pattern below fits women with average height (160-170 cm) and weight. Ladies with different proportions may cut the upper art of the dress after a T-shirt that fits them (the front has to be about 5 cms longer than the back) or they can alter the pattern below.
Besides the patterns below you have to cut squares of the following sizes (the length of the side with the grain stands first):
for the apron:
    2 times 78x53 cm - the apron's lower front and back
    4 times 25x29 cm - the apron's upper front and back (double each)
    2 times 39x11 cm - the apron's shoulder pieces (sew folded in half)
    4 times 48x6   cm - the aron's side strings (sew folded in half)
for the dress:
    2 times 97x96 cm
Sew the apron-strings and the shoulder pieces on the wrong side of the fabric, like a tube. Turn them onto the right side, then sew along the formerly sewn stitches narrowly (the shoulder pieces need to be sewn on both sides, the strings only along the seam. Finish one end of each apron-string. Put the two pieces of the apron's upper part on each other right side on right and sew them together, while you sew the shoulder pieces and the apron-stings into it at the same time. These look inside during sewing, only the ends poke out on the side where you sew (see picture).
reneszansz_sz3.jpg (10357 Byte)
If it's ready, turn it inside-out and sew a narrow seam on the outside (right side) too.  Repeat the process with the other upper apron part. Sew narrow seams on the sides and the lower hem of the apron's lower front and back, then sew the upper and lower parts together, gathering the material symetrically. Use plain stitching, then finish the edges. Now the apron is ready.
Use the patterns below for the dress (1 cm:=5cm). Sew the corresponding parts together with plain stitching. You can add plain pockets if needed. Sew the sides of the skirt together, then gather it and sew onto the top part. (In case you want to make a nursing opening, gather the front part of the skirt onto a narrow band of  fabric, then fifnish the edge by folding the band and sewing it down. Sew an extra seam onto the top's front, then sew on buttons or a zip-fastener or whatever to hold the skirt and the top together.) Finally, sew the sleeves together and in, gathering them a little at the top of the shoulders, sew a seam to the cuffs and also to the skirt's hem in the required length.
In case you have further questions, feel free to email me!

reneszansz_sz1.jpg (26158 Byte) 1. Front
2. Back
Fold the cloth length-wise. The broken line signals the folding line which is the symmetry axis of the top's front/back.
3-4. Cut these parts 1x more and sew them on according to "neckline and sleeve seams"
reneszansz_sz2.jpg (15744 Byte) This is the sleeve. Cut twice. The upper broken line is the symmetry axis.
5. In case of short-sleeved dress here is the end of the sleeve.