Maternity Pants

kismama_kantaros_sz.jpg (47794 Byte)

1. front -cut twice
2. button holes
3. gathering (4x)
4. for slenderer ones the dotted line is better (not as wide)
5. place of the pocket
6. back - cut twice
7. buttons
8. fabric's weave direction
9. shoulder parts (the dotted line is the symmetry axis) - cut twice
10. breast part- cut twice - one outer and one inner layer
11. pocket (the upper stripe has to be folded inside) - cut twice
12. top of the back (this is where the shoulder parts will be sewn on) - cut twice - one outer ad one inner layer

Besides the pieces given above you will also need to sew a seam to the parts under the armpits. This is made best by cutting an extra arch for it: copy the arches once more onto the fabric (I'm talking about the arches that can bee seen about in the upper middle of the above picture, one part for the front, one for the back, of course both are to be cut twice), then cut a 4 cm seam parallel to the arch. Sew these onto the original arch, fold it inwards, fold the edge under and sew down. Your seam is ready.

Sew the other parts as it gives itself logically.
The breast part and the top of the back (10 and 12) have to be sewn from 2 layers so that all seams look inwards at the end, this way you will get a nice clean edge. Gather the front under the breast part with 4 regular folds.