Homeopathy and other natural healing arts

Why does someone who is not a doc write a separate chapter on her webpage about homeopathy?

This reminds me of a hero from R. E. Feist's novels: Nakor, the strange-looking, seemingly funny little magician whose favourite saying is - in spite of his centuries old wisdom and obvious magical skills - "there's no magic". This statement, by which he means to demistify his own "profession", would be a very healthy attitude towards the human body, more specifically, to healing, yet more specifically, to homeopathy as well. Nakor would like if people would accept the fact that the occurrings called "magic" by the layman are not dependant on mystic skills or well-protected secrets. On the contrary, they are just results of using the material and energy of Universe that can be learned by everyone. Similarly, homeopathy is one of the wonders of this world that can be accessed by the layman. It means healing naturally, without side effects, gently, but very effectively AND everyone can get the knack of it, given a little time to observe him/herself and all those, whom he wants to help with homeopathy. In our overmedicalized world we tend to forget that it's us who live in our bodies and ultimately it's our intuition that counts most. Our health is our responsibility, not only the doctors'. You don't have to be a professional so as to use homeopathy for your own healing and have success. There's no magic. Well, that's why I thought I should begin...

Of course, I wouldn't want to waste words on something that's already written much more accurately. In case you've never heard of homeopathy before, check the following site: http://inventra.hu/homeo/index_e.html. Here you can find definitions, notes on the history of homeopathy, general information on the usage and proper storage of homeopathic remedies. These are worth reading thoroughly. In case you know other good links in English, please email them to me.

Important: Learning strategies for self-healing does not mean you should refuse medical help if you face a serious illness or life-threatening situation. On the contrary, one who wants to make responsible decisions about one's own health, has to be able to recognize the point before it gets out of hand and one has to build a "red sign" into him/herself that comes up when help is needed. "Help" can mean a homeopath, a naturopath, but in certain cases anything that saves your hide: intensive "traditional" care, operation, ambulance, bells ringing. The latter ones are meant exactly for such cases. Not for more, but neither for less.

And what am I doing? - My main goal with this site is to share my own positive experience. That means: what has worked for me and my beloved ones, when, how etc. (since cca. 1998 I've been using almost exclusively homeopaths for all my ailments, while my son Levente, born on the 10th of November 1998, has never got any other, "traditional" medicine - he does not need it at all, because his immune system has got strong like a bull and he's almost never sick.). In addition: what I've read in books - mainly in English and German language - I found useful. Besides homeopathy, I'll also take other natural healing arts onto the list, if a herb tea or massage technique is the solution in the actual case. I've just recently started to study aromatherapy and I find it quite interesting, too! So as to extend the knowledge base here, I welcome any question (also individual cases) or experience, because I'd like to make as many homeopathic "tricks" as I can gather available for others. If you feel like adding something, please email me (nandu@nandu.hu). I wish you a successful entry into my little homeopathic "medicine woman's kitchen"!


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Books (the links lead to the online bookstores "amazon.com" and "amazon.de" ):

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  • Werner Stumpf: Homöopathie  - Der grosse GU Ratgeber - The most clear-cut, universally usable book known to me, with short, compact descriptions. If I had only one book on Homeopathy, this would be it.
  • Ravi Roy / Carola Lage-Roy: Homöopathischer Ratgeber - series. Each booklet deals with a certain topic, e.g. chldren's ailments, birth, traveling, vacciantions' injuries, neurodermatosis etc.
  • Robert Radke: Homöopathie für Schüler - Sorry, but no online source is known to me so far. Excellent introduction for beginners. Useful home remedy kit list, description of homeopathic constitution types, homeopathic treatment of the most common ailments. I have translated this book into Hungarian, in case someone is interested.
  • Dr. Med. Erwin Schlüren: Homöopathie in Frauenheilkunde und Geburtshilfe - clinical manual, very detaled, a little hard to understand for the layman, but very thorough. I have translated this book into Hungarian, in case someone is interested.

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