Briana P. born 05.12.2002.
3900 g, 55 cm
Budapest, St. Imre Hospital
- the first Hungarian AquaNatal baby!

laboring together on the birth ball

A nice warm bath is being prepared

Daddy's loving presence creates an enchanting atmosphere!

Hard labor and relaxing moments alternate in their flowing rhythm
Mom is ultimately letting go in the comfort of the warm water

Slowly, the head emerges...

...then the shoulders and arms...

...finally, she is gently lifted out of the water and lands on Earth:
right in her mother's embrace.

Here she is! First look, first touch, first love...

A family is born

The first delicate moments in Daddy's arms.
Briana relaxes when she hears the familiar voice
- they obviously have talked before! :o)

As a special privilege I've got to hold
a few minutes old Briana!

The 6th of December: Instead of Santa a tiny girl has come
- the birth support team shares in the joy.